Schools European Mobility Week

There are numerous National events organised throughout the year which provide a platform for celebrating the various aspects of sustainable travel choices. Listed below are some of the key events which are held at various times during the school year.


European Mobility Week is an annual campaign on sustainable urban mobility, organised with the support of the Directorates-General for the Environment and Transport of the European Commission which runs from 16-22 September each year. The aim of the campaign is to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite their citizens to try out alternatives to car use. Each year a new theme is introduced and local authorities then organise events around this theme.


This event is a great way to get restarted on your school travel programme and start the year positively. Limerick has ran several school orientated events for this week since 2012 as detailed below.  


European Mobility Week 2012: Moving in the right direction 

In 2012, Green-Schools Travel organised a major school travel exhibition (link is external) to highlight how schools across the county were 'moving in the right direction' in terms of sustainable transport promotion. This event was held in Limerick City Library and was visited by schools throughout the week.


European Mobility Week 2013 : Clean Air Your Move

Limerick Smarter Travel piloted the 'Bus in the City' initiative in partnership with Bus Eireann and Green-Schools Travel where over 150 students from four schools across the city were invited to participate on a special workshop conducted on a public bus. As part of this event participants received talks about climate change and learned about how using buses can improve air quality in urban centres. Further details on this pilot event are available here (link is external)


European Mobility Week 2014 : Our Streets, your choice 

The second 'Bus in the City' event was held from 18th - 21st September 2014 where schools were invited to apply to participate in the event. Over 400 students from 7 inner city schools participated in the event to learn more about public transport networks in their local area.  Visit our Limerick Smarter Travel Flickr Gallery(link is external) to view images from our 2014 event.


A ‘Travel Selfie’ initiative was introduced in 2014 to fit with the theme of ‘your streets your choice’. This campaign was designed to raise awareness about the choices we can make to improve our city. Special l 'bike/feet' glasses (adapted from Sustrans) were provided to participating schools who were then asked to tweet their 'travel selfies’ on social media. Images from this campaign can be found on the Limerick Smarter Travel Flickr Gallery(link is external)


European Mobility Week 2015: Choose, Change, ,Combine

Limerick Smarter Travel will be continuing its partnership with Bus Eireann for the Bus in the City initiative. Application forms and information for schools are available here


Following the launch of the 'School Car Free Day' in May 2015, we hope to run a similar event on September 16th 2015 (to correspond with European Mobility Weeks 'In town without my car'(link is external)campaign) where all schools will be invited to choose or combine sustainable modes to get to school. 


As evidence of the widespread success of the scoot safe initiative in schools we also aim to introduce a new 'scoot for life' campaign as part of this week.  A special emphasis will also be placed on the potential for adult scooting in the city as a viable option for combined transport for the school journey.  


If your school would like to run an initiative in your school for European Mobility Week do not hesitate to get in touch. 



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