The 'Best in Show' Competition

Manager: Lise-Ann Sheahan

About BeSPOKE – Limerick's Cycling Festival:

As part of the festival a variety of FREE cycling inspired events will be taking place across the city and county of Limerick, between the 11th to the 19st of June 2016. There really is going to be something for everyone, so come along, bring your friends and family and lets celebrate all things bicycle. Full details are available on this website click here.


About the Riversdie Family Cycle

The family-friendly cycle will take place on Sunday June 12th with registration from 14:00 with the ‘Riverside Family Cycle’ starting at Shannon Drive, Irish Estates, Corbally passing through the Shannon Fields before turning down the Park Canal and ending at O’Brien’s Park in Clare Street. The family-friendly cycle will be immediately followed by a ‘Party in the Park’ where there will be entertainment/refreshments, the 'Cycle Trials' competition and the 'Best in Show' competition.


About Ireland 2016:

The 'Riverside Family Cycle' and  ‘Best in Show’ Competition will form part of the 'Ireland 2016' centenary programme of events and activities happening across Ireland to mark 100 years since the Easter Rising in 1916, a seminal moment on Ireland’s journey to independence. The 'Riverside Family Cycle' followed by the 'Best in Show' competition has been designed to facilitate reflection, commemoration, debate and analysis and an active re-imagining of our future, especially the future of travelling by bicycle in Limerick.


Riders are being asked to come on bicycles and in the fashion of 1916 or 2016. Prizes will be awarded on the day.




Twitter: #Ireland2016 


About the Master of Ceremonies:

The MC for the event will be Richard Lynch of & is the official host of the 'Best in Show' event and additonal events in O'Brien's Park on the day.






The 'Best in Show' Competition:



Registration from: 15:15

Prize-giving from: 16.30



Sunday 12.06.16



O'Brien's Park, Clare Street, Limerick


Riders are being asked to come on bicycles and in the fashion of 1916 or 2016. Prizes will be awarded on the day.


  • Judging & standards: Standards for each category will be set out in a series of mood-boards created by LST and shared on this page prior to the judging. The mood boards will be on show in City Hall on the run up to the event and at the O'Brien's Park on the day of the ‘Best in show’ competition. The mood boards will show bicycles and their riders from 1916 & 2016. Judges will assess bicycle model & design as well as bicycle rider fashion and overall appearance, into consideration when judging. Judges may use the mood boards as a reference. There will be room for individual interpretation by the judges. This will result in the sport's subjective basis: one judge, applying his or her interpretation of the standard, giving his or her opinion of the best competitor on the day.


  • A benched show: Competitors are required to be in the assigned area (on their category benches: 1916 & 2016) at all times when not being judged in the parade ring. This allows for interaction of competiors with spectators as an educational process.


  • How the judging works: The competition at O’Brien’s Park will be broken into two different categories: 1916 & 2016. In each category each competitor is judged in comparison to that categories ‘Standard’ (see above). Judges select their winners based upon how close the competitor comes to fitting the ideal as described in the 'Standard'. Another important factor in the process is "judging on the day" as competiors, may perform or "show" better on some days than others. This results in the sport's subjective basis: one judge, applying his or her interpretation of the Standard, giving his or her opinion on which of the entries may be the best competitor on that particular day. Different judges may have different interpretations of the standard, and may have particular points that they feel are more important than others. Depending on the number of competiors in the entry, the judge may also, at their discretion, select winners of ‘Awards of Merit’ for additional competitors of outstanding quality. For the the ‘Best In Show’ category, the judge will examine all finalists (1st 2nd 3rd) in each category,  and award the ultimate prize, ‘Best In Show’.


  • The Categories: 
  1. 1916: Fashion & Bicycle 1st 2nd 3rd
  2. 2016: Fashion & Bicycle 1st 2nd 3rd
  3. ‘Awards of Merit’ (depending on amount of competitors in the entry)
  4. ‘Best in Show’ (open to all category winners)



  • Further Information: 

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel


Twitter: #BeSPOKE


Call: +353 (0) 61 407 453


About the park:




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