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GoCar is an hourly car hire business. GoCar CarSharing Ltd is in partnership with a German CarSharing company called cambio, which is one of the largest CarSharing operators in the world. GoCar was launched in Cork City. Cork City Council have agreed to block-book 3 GoCars for staff use during working hours for three years, as part of a wider pilot project.


How it works:

GoCar gives you wheels when you need them! Cars and vans by the 15 minutes for as long as you want! Book online here or over the phone, at the last minute or well in advance.



GoCars can be booked 24/7 online or over the phone via our customer service. There are a range of GoCars, so each trip you get to choose the most suitable GoCar for you: city, trip and van ranges. Very useful for shopping, weekends away, holiday trips, and business trips: get the GoCar you want, whenever you want! Enjoy the GoCar service: well-cared for and regularly maintained vehicles with fully comprehensive insurance. Gone are the days of leasing, NCTs and visits to a mechanic! GoCar locations (GoBases) are dedicated parking spaces, so you’ll have hassle-free parking near to your home or work.


Hop in:

GoCars are parked directly on the streets of Dublin and Cork. Use your own GoCard to hop into a GoCar anytime – you never need to meet anyone! Opening hours? What are they? We provide you with your own GoCard – your own smart card. The GoCard is your car key for all GoCars in Ireland. You can then reserve your preferred GoCar for trip…online or by telephone… by the hour, on a daily or weekly basis, spontaneously or far in advance. GoCars are always parked at the same location directly on the street. We call these points GoBases. All GoBases are accessible 24/7. Just hop into your booked GoCar at the GoBase using your GoCard.



When your trip is finished, simply return, and walk away. You get one easy monthly bill and our prices always include fuel, comprehensive insurance and tolls as standard…simple! Whilst driving your GoCar if you need to refuel, simply use the fuel card that we have provided in each GoCar – and we get the bill. So fill up as often as you feel like! At the end of your trip simply return to the GoBase that you started from and lock the GoCar using your GoCard. At the end of each month we simply send you an invoice for your usage which is always all-inclusive, and is debited from your account. You can add notes to bookings so you always know the cost of each trip – very handy for personal budgeting, or for billing back to your company or client.


Further Information:


Call: 1890 446 227


Further Information:

For further information please do get in touch. 

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel 

Telephone: 061 557453


Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine


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