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Welcome to the Limerick Smarter Travel Community Page

Thank you for taking the time to visit. On the community page you will find regular, up-to-date, information to help you make more of your everyday journeys on foot, by bike, by shared travel like public transport or car-sharing.  


Finding Information

The simplest way to find the information you need is to type key words into the search bar above. 


Strength in numbers

Our travel choices all add up. If everyone changed just one journey a week to healthier more sustainable travel think of the difference that would make to our community. This website is designed to inform and inspire, so that making the switch to healthier more sustainable forms of travel becomes a little easier.


Further Information:

For further information, please do get in touch. 

Limerick Smarter Travel

Telephone: 061 557453



Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine.


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