European Cycling Challenge


Calling all Limerick City and Metropolitan Area cylists!  Limerick has signed up for a second year to take part in the European Cycle Challenge.


The challenge is an urban cyclists’ team competition.  It is a challenge among European cities: the City that “rides” the longest total distance wins! It takes place from 1 to 31 May each year. Participation is free! 


The initiative which will be held throughout the month of May will see various European city teams challenge each other by tracking their commutes by bicycle using the free GPS based smartphone app cycle Naviki


The challenge is open to all people living in participating cities, or travelling to/from/across those cities for work, study or other reasons. All journeys made by bicycle instead of other means of transportation (such as car, motorcycle or any engine powered vehicles) are accepted. For instance: journeys to and from workplace, school, to shopping, to go to the cinema, etc… are valid journeys (see rules for more information)


Take Part: 

To join ECC subscribe to your City Team, download the free Naviki app for your smartphone and track your journeys by bicycle.  Participants can not only join team Limerick , subteams can also be created if local groups/departments want to challenge each other! Your km will contribute to the total mileage of Team Limerick and any sub team you set up (max of 6 people per subteam). Weekly prizes for best individual and subteam performances!! 


Anonymous data on all cycled  routes will be available to the particpitaing cities.Data could provide some interesting statistics to support planning and validation of route networks and cycling paths. Further information can be found here



Download the 'Naviki ' App! Join in now and have fun!


Further Information:

For further details please contact 

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel

REF: European Cycling Challenge

Call: +353 (0) 61 557 453



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