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Why cycle?

Cycling benefits your health, your wealth and your happiness. Cycling to work or school or wherever you’re going locally is a great way of getting fresh air, saving money, and often saving time. Cycling requires a little investment, possibly some training or equipment but don't let that put you off. One of the many perks to cycling is after a little practice you'll be exercising without noticing it. You’ll find cycling times very predictable. Planning your day is much easier when you know exactly when you are to arrive. While cycling you can incorporate some scenic sites, little visits or daily jobs, especially if you plan your journey in advance.


Need more reasons to get cycling more?

Research has shown that 30 minutes of moderately intense physical activity, 5 days a week, can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Other benefits include increased self-confidence, lower levels of stress, improved sleep and enhanced well-being. Just a little bit of activity each day makes a big difference. A 15 minute cycle to the shops and back will help reduce weight and decrease your chances of getting ill. For links to this research or more details please contact the team at 061 407 453 or


Strength in numbers

Our travel choices all add up. If everyone changed just one journey a week to healthier more sustainable travel, like cycling, think of the difference that would make. This initiative has been established to inform and inspire, so that making the switch to healthier more sustainable forms of travel, like cycling, becomes a little easier.


A rewarding travel routine

To begin with it may be difficult to change your travel pattern, to make more of your journeys by bicycle. After the initial leap it could take some getting used to. If you want to use your car a little less, cycling initiatives and groups are here to let you know help is at hand, to remind you that the benefits to your health, well-being, pocket and environment can last a lifetime, so keep trying it soon becomes a rewarding routine.


Further Information:

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