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Manager: Lise-Ann Sheahan
Limerick Smarter Travel Information Pack



The team at Limerick Smarter Travel are currently in the process of creating Smarter Travel Information Packs for our schools, campuses, workplaces, and community. While we are working on the information packs, please feel free to explore this website or download the smarter travel leaflets below.


What is a Smarter Travel Information Pack?

A Smarter Travel Information Pack contains the sustainable travel information in relation to schools, campuses, workplaces, and our community. The packs will be designed to help us plan-for and use healthier more sustainable modes of travel.


Does your location need a Smarter Travel Information Pack?

To begin with it may be difficult for your members to change their travel patterns, and after the initial leap it could take some getting used to. If members want to use their car a little less, a Smarter Travel Information Pack can be located at your school, campus, workplace, or community building to let them know help is at hand, to remind members that the benefits to their health, well-being, pocket and environment can last a lifetime, so keep trying it soon becomes a rewarding routine.


Coming Soon

The Smarter Travel Information Pack will soon be available to members of the public, at key locations. If you would like to have one available at your location, please contact us today. We will arrange for one to be delivered as soon as possible.


Further Information:

For further information please do get in touch. 

Contact: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Telephone: 061 407501



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