Bicycle Buddies

Manager: Lise-Ann Sheahan


If you are new to cycling or just getting on a bicycle for the first time after a lengthy break it can be daunting. The cycling world and bicycles have changed dramatically over the last decade or so. For example it’s not unusual to have 27 gears, adjustable suspension and powerful disc brakes.


The 'Bicycle Buddy' concept is simply one-to-one coaching in how to ride a bicycle. It can be done with children or adults. A 'Bicycle Buddy' helps other people to ride their bicycle confidently and safely through a short theory session and an accompanied bicycle ride in a secure, safe, off-road environment, such as a public park with cycle tracks.


A 'Bicycle Buddy' will know they have been successful when their students show improved cycling skills and start to enjoy their bicycle and cycling.


Click here to watch a video. 


Are you interested in becoming a Bicycle Buddy?

Cycling is not only a useful form of transport; it can improve physical health and mental well being, promote freedom and independence, as well as create a better environment for everyone. Cycling is a skill for life and a wonderful gift to give.


Next Steps:​The 'Bicycle Buddy Days' will take place in public parks on dates soon to be confirmed.  On the 'Bicycle Buddie Days' Limerick Smarter Travel will arrange to be present at the teaching/ learning locations across Limerick to supervise and be on hand to support the participants. The plan of action is as follows:
  1. Publish and promote the details in relation to 'Bicycle Buddy Days'
  2. Start a sign up process for teachers
  3. Start a sign up process for learners
  4. Once we have the required numbers we will get going and have the first event


If you are interested, in becoming Bicycle Buddy, to give or get coaching, contact us at Limerick Smarter Travel.


Further Information:

For further information, please do get in touch. 

Contact: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Telephone: 061 557 501



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