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In order to get as many bicycles back on the road, Limerick Smarter Travel, have and continue to support bicycle maintenance training for 12 individuals, living in the community, individuals who plan on using their training for community benefit. 


The course has been offered free of charge to participants, in return participants are now running affordable monthly bicycle repair events in their areas for one year, with the support of Limerick Smarter Travel as and when needed.


Individuals have been nominated by the Travel Planning Working Groups in each smarter travel community


The course took 6 weeks to complete; with one evening class taking place each week. The class was 3 hours in duration (with a break halfway through for refreshments). The course combined:

  • a tutorial in how to turn a bike into a business,
  • a tutorial in how to run a bicycle repair event,
  • details on how to book the Limerick Smarter Travel 'Bicycle Repair Equipment'

and culminated in a graduation ceremony at the Gallery in the Limerick Milk Market.


If you are interested finding out more information please do get in touch.



Further Information:

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel 

Telephone: 061 557453



Bicycle Maintenance Training  - Limerick College of Further Education - Evening Course

If you or someone in your community is interest in learning more about bicycle repair why not consider an evening course? The Limerick College of Further Education, based on Mulgrave Street in Limerick, offer two fee-paying courses as part of their evening programme. Links to the courses are listed as follows:


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