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Would your community group or workplace like to host a Bicycle Repair Day? Having an event of this type in the community or workplace is a great way to get more people cycling and using their bicycles for their everyday travel needs. Most bicycles require only minor repair work to get them back on the road. Having a Bicycle Repair Event in a convenient and local location makes having your bike repaired so much easier for your neighbours, friends, family and colleagues. On this page you will find information in relation to hosting your own Bicycle Repair Event, information which may come in handy especially while planning your event.


Community Bike Repair Day - Planning

Estimate how many bicycles you hope to have repaired at your event. If your mechanic needs support on the day, to ensure as many bicycles as possible get fixed, make sure you have that support available. For example a few members of the community or workplace who have knowledge in the area of fixing bicycles can be of great assistance. This kind of support can be a wonderful asset for your event. If you need advise please do get in touch, details below.


Community Bike Repair Day - The Pricelist

Before your event agree on a price list, for the most common repairs, with your bicycle mechanic. The list should be designed to give people a  good “bench mark” of what a typical repair will cost. The general principle is that your bicycle repair day operates on a time and material basis. Repairs are charged at a set rate per hour plus the cost of all new parts require to complete the job. We recommend that repairs are agreed and paid for prior to the repair. Your bike mechanic should clearly write this out in a receipt before the repairs are carried out. The price list should also be clearly displayed at the event.


Community Bike Repair Day - The Details

For your event decide on the most appropriate and convenient

  • date
  • time
  • location


Community Bike Repair Day - Event Notice

Make sure you give notice to those whom you'd like to benefit from the event. This could be done via a few strategically placed posters, word of mouth, via social media, through the community notices in the local paper or radio. Make sure you have the right amount and type of advertising, too little and you may not have a great turn out, too much and you maybe overwhelmed on the day. If you need assistance please do get in touch, details below. A template poster is available to download below.


Community Bike Repair Day - Liability and Insurance

One of the most common questions in relation to running a Bicycle Repair Event is, "What about liability?". Most Bicycle Repair Event s simply:

  • post a sign at the event letting people know that following repair they use their bicycles at their own risk
  • attach a tag/sticker to the bicycle once repaired, stating that they use their bicycles at their own risk
  • or ask individual riders to sign a waiver that following repair they use their bicycles at their own risk

This activity removes any responsibility from the group/organisation running the Bicycle Repair Event.  The basic premise is "Use at your own risk".  Most seem to find that this is enough.  Similar approaches are used for other community services, such as community gyms.


Community Bike Repair Day - The Literature

Templates are available to download below. If you require items to be printed please contact us, and we will have them printed and available for collection at the Limerick Smarter Travel offices.


Community Bike Repair Day - The Experts

Before the event arrange for a suitable qualified bicycle mechanic to be at your event, contact details listed below. If you would like to be added to this list, get in touch.


Gary Sheehan Mobile Bike Repair

Name: Gary

Call: 087 636 4270




Limerick Bike Doctor

Name: Enda

Call: 087 931 0819




Big Wheels Cycles

Name: Pat

Call: 087 6790783





Raw Cycles

Name: Whelan

Call: 061 603682





Evolution Cycles

Name: Chris

Call: 083 4529370





Bike Repair at Home

If you'd like to skip all the event organising why not arrange a home call from a local bike doctor service. These services are a great way to have a number of bicycles fixed at once in the convenience of your own home. You set the time, tell the bike doctor what you need done and they will call to you. Some people use the bicycle repair event as an opportunity to have a bicycle party at their home, where family and friends get together, get repairs done, and spend time together having fun with their bicycle. To arrange a bike doctor, home call service, feel free to contact the service providers listed above directly.


Further Information:

If you know of other service providers, please get in touch, and we will add them to our list

Telephone: 061 557453



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