Bicycle Theft

Bicycle Theft - Prevention Tips:

To reduce the likelihood of theft take a look at the following tips:

  • Never leave the bicycle unlocked
  • Always use an approved lock appropriate for the value of bicycle
  • Always lock the bicycle to a solid immovable object 
  • Never leave the bicycle unattended for long
  • If the bike has quick-release wheels and saddle lock them to the bicycle
  • Ask your local bike shop about anti-theft and recovery devices for your bike


Preparing for the worst:

  • Take a few pictures of your bike and of it’s unique characteristics
  • Record any serial numbers on the bicycle
  • Register your bike with Henry Street Garda Station and/or 
  • There is a downloadable leaflet below which you can fill in and bring to Henry Street Garda Station or email it to the Community Policing Officer at:
  • Insure your bicycle and always read your insurance policy


Bicycle Registration:

The team at Henry Street Garda Station have lauched a new initiative called the Henry Street Bicycle Registration Scheme. Call into the Henry Street Garda Station with your bicycle details to register or there is a leaflet available to download below which you can fill in and email to the Community Policing Officer at:


The team from also provide a bicycle registration service. Submit your details at via their online form, a copy of their online registration form is available to download below.


Bicycle Theft - what to do next?

In the unfortunate event that the bicycle or parts of the bicycle are stolen or damaged bring pictures and the bikes serial number to Henry Street Garda Station and file a report. This will be necessary for your insurance claim also.


Check out the social media accounts for updates on stolen items recovered by the Gardaí. You may be fortunate and spot your bicycle in their flicker photo stream.

Further Information:


Twitter: twitter feeds

Flicker: photo's of stolen bikes in Garda possession 

Bicycle Parking
The dedicated team at Limerick Smarter Travel are working in partnership with our community stakeholders to invest in all types of convenient bicycle parking to help keep our bicycles safe and secure.Bicycle parking is free, publicly accessible and currently conveniently located around the City Centre of Limerick. 


Further Information:

For further information and support, please do get in touch. 

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel

Telephone: 061 557453



Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine.


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