Cycling Loops for Learners

Learner Cycling Loops in Limerick City

There are a number of safe enclosed cycle loops within Limerick City, these public park locations are ideal for learning to cycle as they are enclosed, off road sites, which keep nervous cyclists safe from traffic hazards and in many cases away from curious spectators. Feel free to explore the parks and take the opportunity to teach a friend or family member to cycle, it really is a wonderful life skill and one which we can all share. 


Shelbourne Park

The Shelbourne Park is located in the north western suburbs, on Shelbourne Road between Hassett's Cross (Cratloe Road Junction) and Union Cross (Ennis Road Junction).The park's opening hours are, generally speaking from 08.00 to 'lighting-up time' or 21.00, whichever is the sooner (i.e. the park closes at 21.00 between May and August). There is a 710 metre loped walking/cycling path around the park. A lateral path between the two soccer pitches is 80metres long. In order to enjoy the park to the full people are asked to respect the markings segregating walkers (inner lane) from cyclists (outer lane) when using this facility.


O'Briens Park

The O'Briens Park is situated on Clare Street and again offers families and leisure cyclists the opportunity to get on their bikes and enjoy some off road cycling in a safe environment. Amenities at the park include a children's playground,shelter area and a drinking fountain. Like both the other enclosed, well-equipped parks in the centre of Limerick, People's Park and Shelbourne Park, this garden is very well frequented at all times of day.The park has at least four complementary usages:walking, relaxing on well-protected benches, games for children and sports training for older children. Many children also ride their bikes or tricycles.


People's Park

The People's Park is a park located by Pery Square in Limerick, Ireland, just west of the railway station and bus terminal. This is another great safe enclosed space where you can bring your bike, get a bit of fresh air and admire all the People's Park has to offer.


Further Information:

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