Cycling Security

Crime Prevention Tips:

An Garda Síochána have the following tips to help prevent crime when out cycling in your community:

  • Don’t cycle home alone at night.
  • Do avoid taking risky shortcuts. 
  • Do cycle in well lit areas at night.
  • Do try to vary your route if you regularly cycle home.
  • Do avoid wearing earphones.
  • Do avoid leaving unsecured items in your bicycle basket
  • Do keep expensive property out of sight.


Bicycle Theft

To reduce the likelihood of bicycle theft please click here to be brought to the Bicycle Theft page on this website.


If you are a victim of crime:

In the unfortunate event that you are a victim of crime or theft take the following action immediately:

  • Do seek help immediately.
  • Do contact your service provider if your mobile phone or wallet is stolen.
  • Do report the crime or theft to the Gardaí.


Further information:

If an immediate response is required simply:

Call: 999/112 or your local Garda Station 


Henry Street Garda Station

Henry Street, Limerick 

Call: 061 212 400

An Garda Síochána Website:

District HQ: Henry Street

Call: 061 212416
District Officer: Superintendent Daniel Keane 


Roxboro Road Garda Station:

Roxboro Road, Limerick 

Call: 061 214 340

An Garda Síochána Website:

District HQ: Roxboro Road
District HQ Tel: +353 61 214347
District Officer: Superintendent James Ryan


Mayorstone Park Garda Station:

Mayorstone Park, Limerick 

Call: 061 456 980 

An Garda Síochána Website:

District HQ: Henry Street

District HQ Tel: +353 61 212416
District Officer: Superintendent Daniel Keane 


Divisional HQ:

Call: 061 212411
Divisional Officer: Chief Superintendent David Sheahan

District Detective Superintendent: James Brown


Community Policing:

Louise Dineen, Community Policing Co-ordinator 
Henry Street, Limerick 
Call: 061 433 538



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