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Mountain biking clubs are a great way to see our natural environment, keep fit, build some healthy competition, and meet like-minded people. The mountain biking clubs in and around Limerick are listed below.


Team Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Club:

As their name suggests their home track is in the beautiful Ballyhoura Mountains on the borders of Cork, Tipperary and Limerick. The focus of this club is having fun and being healthy on their mountain bikes. The club has a healthy mix of experienced and inexperienced riders and is actively supporting youth development. Some of their club activities include:

  • Sunday morning spins
  • Thursday evening spins
  • Yearly trip outside of Ireland
  • Race participation
  • Club championship
  • Subsidised skills training for club members
  • Trips to other trails throughout Ireland
  • Occasional multi-day mountain biking trips
  • Members discount scheme with

Become a Member:

New members are always welcome, the club has something to offer members of all skill levels.

To find out whats happening check out the forum.

Club Officers:
Chairman: Pat Collins.
Secretary: Timo Shinnors.
Treasurer: Peter O'Dirscoll.


Call: 086 780 1777





Limerick Mountain Biking Club


Limerick Mountain Biking Club are about all things mountain biking. Their members are cross country heads, free ride folk, down hill fiends and all mountain riders. As a club they embrace all forms of mountain biking. You can join Limerick Mountain Biking Club (LMBS) by making contact with them via their facebook page. 

The club was founded in 2011 for active mountain bikers. They have members of all abilites. Their aim is to promote mountain biking in the Irish mid west. They are very lucky to have exceptional places to bike nearby, links available on their facebook page 'places to bike'. If you are looking for other mountain bikers to go out biking with or are a novice looking to find out where to start Limerick Mountain Biking Club is a great place to start.

Official LMBC Trips/Events:
All participants must be a paid up LMBC member, or have CI cover (through another club or as an individual). If not you must buy a one day licence for LMBC. This ensures that all participants are covered by CI insurance.
Non-Official Trips/Events:

These trips are organised by individual bikers. LMBC accepts no responsibility or liability for any incidents or accidents that may occur on these trips. Individuals participate at their own risk. Bikers who are paid up members of LMBC only, will be covered by the CI insurance policy.

Facebook: Mountain Biking Club


University of Limerick Mountain Biking Club


This club is part of the University of Limerick Clubs and Societies. Clubs & Societies are a fundamental part of the University scene. The 66 Clubs & Societies at the University is the largest collection of voluntary run recreational and leisure activities under the one distinct brand on the University of Limerick campus, the UL Wolves. 

The club was founded in September 1998. and from humble beginnings, with about 3-4 cyclists on each outing, they now have up to fifteen cyclists out every week. Don't have your own bike? No problem - they own and maintain 12 XC (general purpose) bikes, as well as an Enduro bike and a Downhill bike. All of these are available to members for club cycles. They also have club helmets and gloves for use on spins. Helmet use is mandatory on every club cycle. For cycles all you need to bring are some old clothes, a raincoat, water and a few Euro for food at the shop stop. Details of all their cycles and activities are posted on their Forum: HERE. Also check us their facebook HERE for the latest photos and videos of what they've been up to.

Some of the UL Mountain Biking Club activities include:

  • Wednesday evening rides organised by the mountain bike club.
  • Bikes, helmets and equipment available for members to use. 
  • The mountain bikers go to the alps during the summer.
  • Their cycles are off-campus in nearby forests and mountains.

Become a Member:

New members are always welcome, the club has something to offer members of all skill levels. To become a member visit the ul wolves website 'sign up' page here.


Address: UL Students Union, University of Limerick, Limerick






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