Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme: Event Grant

Manager: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Limerick City and County Council invites applications from individuals, local groups, and organisations so they can be part Ireland 2016 - Centenary Programme.


If you’re considering putting forward a walking, cycling or shared travel event please do not hesitate to contact us for support:

Contact: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Telephone: 061 407 501




Ireland 2016 is a year-long programme of activity, in which everyone is invited to participate, to commemorate the events of the 1916 Rising, to reflect on our achievements as a democratic state over the last 100 years and to look towards Ireland’s future. 


The national programme, which was announced by the government on 31st March, includes seven strands; State Ceremonial; Historical Reflection; An Teanga Bheo/The Living Language; Youth and Imagination; Cultural Expression; Community Participation; Global and Diaspora. 


The Community Participation strand is being led by local authorities across the country and Limerick City and County Council has appointed Damien Brady, who will be responsible for coordinating the local programme.


Whether you are a member of a local historical society, sports club, amateur drama club or community group, or even if this is something that is purely a personal interest, this is an opportunity to share ideas, pool resources and be part of the creation of a unique and distinctive local programme to mark Ireland 2016.


Closing Date:

29th May 2015


Application Form:

There is no set application form. Simply write down you idea and a general cost, if any, and submit it to the contact listed below.



Applications will be judged by three independent judges (theme: remembering, reconciling and reimagining) 


Further Information:

Contact: Damien Brady,


Call: 061-496526


Visit: Facebook 

Visit: Twitter #ireland2016 #eire2016              




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