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The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project is a city wide project which aims to work with schools to encourage more sustainable modes of transport through the delivery of tailored school travel planning.

This process is implemented in schools in accordance with the 7-Step methodology championed by An Taisce's Green-Schools Travel Programme. 

We are seeking commitment from your school to work with us through the various steps of this programme. In exchange your school will receive a targeted school travel plan which will hopefully reduce the impact of transport in your school district.




At pre-school level we offer guidance to pre-school staff wishing to  promote sustainable travel options in their school. 


Infant & Primary Schools

At primary level the project aims to work with school representatives to deliver school travel planning objectives. As a participating school you will be entitled to a variety of workshops which fit neatly with the curriculum with a focus on the local environment. Ideally the project is operated as a committee driven project with representatives from each class but can be adapted to the needs of your school. A summary of the workshops and support available to primary schools is provided here


Secondary Schools

At secondary school level, the programme is delivered as a series of action projects and curricular related workshops provided by the LST travel officer to class groups. This project is ideal for transition year students or the students council. The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project offers a wide range of workshops which fit well into the secondary school curriculum. A summary of the workshops and support available to secondary schools is provided here



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