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The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project aims to support schools in the promotion of public transport through resource provision and the delivery of key workshops relating to public transport. This section provides you with a summary of what we can offer your school and links to the various resources available. General details on public transport are available from our communities section.


Bus Transport Resources

  • Public Transport is a key consideration in our mapping workshops which are delivered to school as part of the travel planning process.

  • A full range of initiatives and resources designed to support the promotion of public bus services are available from the 'Bus Transport and Schools' section of this website.

  • A comprehensive list of bus themed web-links to support the incorporation of public transport in the classroom are available from our online resource library.

Rail Transport Resources

  • Irish Rail offers special rates to schools wishing to use trains for school tours. Further details on these are available here

  • A special resource pack has been developed for schools wishing to focus on the theme of railway transport as part of their travel action plan. This includes art, music and games and is provided as a download on this page. More advanced resources designed to facilitate research projects for secondary schools are provided in our Limerick Smarter Travel Railway Livebinder.

If your school is situated beside a public bus route or railway line and would like to promote these through projects or action days please do not hesitate to contact us for support and ideas.



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