School Travel Workshops

The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project offers free travel workshops to participating schools as a support to the school travel planning process. Travel workshops serve to introduce students to the concept of sustainable travel with a  particular emphasis on their local area and are conducted in line with the 7-step methodology championed by An Taisces Green-Schools programme. 


Some of the workshops available to schools participating in the programme


Walking Workshops include :

  • Walkability Audits : Students work with their travel officer to audit routes to school for positive and negative attributes.
  • Walking Bus : This workshop provides schools with an overview as to the workings of the walking bus scheme.
  • Walk in the city: This interactive workshop targets 1st -2nd class students and aims to provide an introduction to pedestrian infrastructure in their local are.


Cycling Workshops include:

  • Cycle-ability Audit : Students cycle their routes to school with a view to idenifying positive and negative attributes
  • Get in  Gear : Basic cycle training course for parents and teachers.
  • Cycle Fun Days: Interactive workshop delivered by the school travel officer designed to raise awareness about how to cycle safely.
  • Bike Maintenance : Interactive workshop tailored to each audience on basic bike repair and maintenance


Public Transport Workshops

  • Bus in the  City: An interactive workshop which operates every September as part of European Mobility Week. Unfortunatey places are limited for this workshop and participation is by application.
  • Public Transport Mapping: Public transport is a key consideration in our 'Travel Mapping' workshop detailed below.


Travel Planning Workshops

  • Travel mapping: Interactive workshop which interchanges between hardcopy and ICT resources and focuses on local transport networks. This is delivered to classes from 2-6th at primary level and is suitable to all class groups at secondary level
  • School  Gate Safety Leaflet: Interactive workshop designed to engage students in the travel planning process. The outcome of this workshop is a tailored leaflet detailing transport options, safety issues and tips relative to their school.


Environmental Workshops

  • Climate Change: The environmental impact of transport
  • Fossil fuels and Transport


If you would like to get involved in this project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our travel officer using the details below.


For further information


Contact:  Limerick Smarter Travel

Project:    Limerick Smarter Travel School Project

Tel:            +353 (0) 61 557 453



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