Walking initiatives

Walking initiatives 

Walking to school provides children with the opportunity to build on safety lessons learnt in school and put them into practice. Good habits learned young are learned well. Teaching your child to walk safely to school will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life. The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project has introduced a series of initiatives based on An Taisces Green-Schools Travel Programme which aim to raise awareness about walking to school. Your travel officer will guide you through the steps involved to make your walking initiatives a success in your school.

This section contains some of the initiatives underway in schools including the ever popular Walk on Weekdays (WOW) and Walking Buses. If your school would like to introduce a walking initiative in your school travel plan you can use this section of the site to set up a group specific to to that initiative. Please contact your school travel officer for further details.

Why Choose to Walk to School?

Walking to school has many benefits for the health and well-being of pupils and also the environment.

  • Walking regularly is a great way to learn about your local environment and community. Walkers become participants in their environment rather than merely spectators. It’s also a fun way to learn about the weather, landscape and local ecosystems.

  • Walking to and from school helps pupils (and adults) incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Research shows that regular physical activity can benefit both body and mind.

  • Walking regularly with a child from a young age enables them to develop life skills; preparing children with road safety and personal awareness skills that they will use throughout their lives.

  • Pupils who walk to school are more alert when they arrive at school and are therefore more prepared for the school day ahead.

  • By walking to school more there are fewer cars on the road which in turn is good for the environment and local communities; fewer cars at the school gate can make it safer for pupils making their way to and from school.

  • Friends and family can walk to and from school together and spend time chatting and having fun.

  • Exercise can help to promote more positive mode as your body releases feel good endorphins. Being physically active also helps to strengthen your muscles, bones, heart and lungs and can help to control weight. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine by taking a brisk walk or cycle to school.


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