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The National Transport Authority is a statutory non-commercial body, which operates under the aegis of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. It was established on foot of the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008. While it was originally conceived as a transport authority for the Greater Dublin Area under the 2008 Act, it was renamed the National Transport Authority in the Public Transport Regulation Act 2009. The 2009 Act, theTaxi Regulation Act 2013, and various Statutory Instruments have greatly extended the Authority’s functions and geographic remit. There remain some specific additional functions in respect of infrastructure and the integration of transport and land use planning in the Greater Dublin Area, reflecting the particular public transport and traffic management needs of the Eastern region of the country comprising approximately 40% of the State’s population and economic activity. During 2013 the Authority’s taxi regulation functions continued to be governed by the Taxi Regulation Act 2003 pending the making of a Ministerial Order under the Taxi Regulation Act 2013 providing for the repeal of the 2003 Act and the commencement of the provisions of the 2013 Act. In broad terms, the Authority’s statutory functions can be summarised as follows:


  • Provide integrated ticketing, fares and public transport information;
  • Develop an integrated, accessible public transport network;
  • License public bus passenger services that are not subject to a public transport services contract;
  • Manage the Rural Transport Programme and the successor structure of Transport Co-ordination Units;
  • Provide bus infrastructure and fleet and cycling facilities and schemes;
  • Develop and implement a single public transport brand;
  • Develop and maintain a regulatory framework for the control and operation of small public service vehicles (taxis, hackneys and limousines) and their drivers;
  • Prepare statutory submissions on Regional Planning Guidelines;
  • Collect statistical data and information on transport;
  • Enforce EU passenger rights in rail, maritime and bus and coach transport;
  • Validate EU authorisations and journey forms in relation to bus and coach travel in accordance with EU Regulation No. 1073/2009; and
  • Operate as the national conciliation body for electronic toll service providers.


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Call: +353 1 879 8300
Fax: +353 1 879 8333

Taxi Information Line: 0761 064 000

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Address: National Transport Authority, Dún Scéine, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2, D02 WT20


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