Park-up & Picnic 2016 !

Come enjoy great coffee, food, atmosphere and debate! A FREE culture night event. 


5-10pm Park-up & Picnic!
6-8pm Open Discussion


While out and about experiencing the diverse array of arts and cultural activities in Limerick, why not take a few minutes to park up, relax and enjoy a nibble and a natter opposite The Canteen on Mallow Street. 

This evening will be celebrating café culture at its very best, as well as unveiling an example of a 'park and picnic pod' or parklet, specifically designed to support sustainable urban communities in our city. Have your say!

This is a collaboration between Limerick Smarter Travel and the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick. 


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Further information:

Please do get in touch via social media or contact: 

Call: 061407501



About LST:

Limerick Smarter Travel support and encourage people, within schools, campuses, workplaces, and communities, to plan for and use healthier more sustainable modes of travel such as walking, cycling and shared travel, while actively discouraging unnecessary and single-occupancy car travel where possible. 

About SAUL:

The School of Architecture at the University of Limerick embraces all parts of an architect’s education; it is a place where the study of architecture is undertaken with passion and inventiveness, an open and transparent society of mobile thinkers. 


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