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The Regional Public Bicycle Share Scheme

Following on from the success of the public bicycle share scheme in Dublin,  the National Transport Authority (NTA) is planning to introduce a similar program in the regional cities of CorkLimerick and Galway, this Autumn. The NTA's vision for the scheme is “to develop an environmentally friendly means of public transport that is healthy, relatively inexpensive, brings jobs closer to where people live, and ensures an improved quality of life in the City's natural and built environment.” The Bike Share Scheme seek to increase the modal share of cycling and to ensure more people see cycling as a viable mode of transport in and around the city. These initiatives also improve the mobility of the general public and help to reduce the environmental impact of private cars by taking them off the road. 



The Limerick Public Bicycle Share Scheme 

Limerick will be allocated 215 bikes, with 23 bike stations and 445 bike stands.The bike stations/docks will be dispersed throughout the city area and will allow potential cyclists to use bikes for either free or at a low cost and take/leave them at the most convenient docking stations on their journey. To view the map of the 23 bike stations, click here.

The scheme aims to develop an environmentally-friendly means of public transport for Limerick, one that is healthy, relatively inexpensive, and ensures an improved quality of life for our community. We hope that as many people as possible use this wonderful scheme and make more of their short journeys by bicycle. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch or visit the links listed below.


Further information

If require further detail, information can be found by clicking on the following links:

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes 

Dublin Bikes

Nataional Transport Authority



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