Park and Picnic Pod or Parklet

Manager: Lise-Ann Sheahan


The 'park and picnic pod' or 'parklet' is designed to support sustainable urban mobility by providing combined bicycle parking, seating for walkers and built in planters in one bespoke design. Conveniently located in former car-park spaces, overlooked by busy cafés and maintained in partnership with the Local Authority. The pod is designed to support the urban economy, the cultural life of the city, as well as providing a number of very practical functions that support urban mobility.


The first pod will be located in a traditional car parking space outside a busy café in the city. With the creation of a 'park and pic pod' toolkit it is envisaged that more pods will be created, by interested cafés over the following months. The urban cafés, will partner with the local authority to effectively deliver this much needed sustainable urban mobility action. Collectively we will monitor, oversee and maintain the pods.


Some of the perks of having a pod near your café will be the additional space for customers to sit, conveniently located bike parking for customers and staff and the additional benefits brought by increased natural planting. The design would be removable/transportable and have the ability to be modified in order to adapt to varying locations. 


Over the coming weeks the project stakeholders aim to work in partnership to deliver the pilot 'park and picnic pod', in a former car parking space, outside a busy café in the city. As well as this the partnership is working on the creation of a 'park and pic pod' toolkit. It is envisaged that this toolkit will support the introduction of more pods across the urban area in the months which follow. 


Do The Right Mix

As part of this years 'Do The Right Mix' campaign, Limerick has won the opportunity to promote the 'park and picnic' pod or Parklet. The promotion will raise awareness around sustainable urban mobility, while supporting the urban economy. It will also support the transfer of knowledge amongst our urban community and urban communities across Europe. This years campaign themed 'Sharing Gets You Further' is run in partnership with European Mobility Week. Posters supporting the campaign are available for download below.


European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness about sustainable urban mobility. Events are organised with the support of the Directorates-General for the Environment and Transport of the European Commission. The aim of the campaign, which runs from the 16th to the 22nd of September every year, is to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite their citizens to try out alternatives to single occupancy car use. The theme of European Mobility Week 2017 is 'Sharing Gets You Further'. A video explaining 'Do The Right Mix' is available for download at this link.


National Culture Night

In support of European Mobility Week a special effort will be made by the partnership delivering the 'park and picnic pod' to host an 'Our Streets, Our Choice' event. On the evening of National Culture Night the location of the first pod will play host to a celebration, bringing to life café culture and sustainable urban mobility at it's very best. While out and about experiencing the diverse array of arts and cultural activities in Limerick, our community are asked to take a few minutes to park up, relax and enjoy a picnic at Mortell's Delicatessen & Seafood Restaurant, Roches Street. Here they will witness the unveiling the new park and picnic pod or parklet proposals, specially designed to support sustainable urban mobility in our city. They can influence the design brief, before the tender competition for fabricators of the pod, by submitting their comments into the comment box on the night. Once the Limerick Culture Night brochure is ready we will have it available for download here.


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Address: Limerick Smarter Travel, City Hall,Merchants Quay, Limerick

Telephone: 061 557 453

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Social Media: is external)


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Contact: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Telephone: 061 407453



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