Rhebogue Neighborhood Greenway

Manager: Sharon Lynch
Rhebogue Neighbourhood Greenway

The Rhebogue Neighbourhood Greenway and Hymee’s Boreen, known hereafter as Rhebogue Neighbourhood Greenway, will provide a safer alternative route to the City Centre avoiding the busy R445 Dublin Road. This link will connect both and Route 2 (Canal – UL), Route 2, Link 1 (Shannon Fields) to Route 3 (Dublin Road)


This Neighbourhood Greenway design identifies existing and potential walking and cycling within Rhebogue and the surrounding community. The design seeks to address issues including increasing safety and improving the experience for those who already walk and cycle in Rhebogue. The following infrastructural improvements are proposed:

  • Speed reduction from a 50km speed limit zone to a 30km speed limit zone;

  • Provision of a gateway/ entry treatment at the Old Dublin Road/ Rhebogue Road junction;

  • Introduction of traffic calming measures including tabletop junction treatments at seven junctions, and four raised tables;

  • Provision of a shared surface through the existing rail overbridge, including raised tables on both approaches;

  • Provision of sections of new footpath, and widening of others, on Rhebogue Road and Hymee’s Boreen, as required and where possible;

  • Provision of new street lighting;


Construction is for completion October 2015




Contact: Smarter Travel Office, Limerick City and County Council

Telephone: 061 557453

Email: smartertravel@limerick.ie


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