Route 2 Link 1 - Shannon Fields (Corbally) to Guinness Bridge (City Canal)

Manager: Vincent Strand

Link 1 - Phase 1

Link 1 - Phase 1 begins at the junction of the Corbally Road (R463) and Shannon Drive Rd. It travels along the existing path, adjacent to the River Shannon. This phase of the path winds along the banks until it reaches the end of the Shannon Fields.


This shared walking and cycling facility, along the banks of the River Shannon, through the historic Shannon Fields, has been upgraded. The works include a new smooth surface, lighting, cctv, seating, exercise equipment, and signage. Have a look in the Gallery to see pictures, or better still, why not take a walk or cycle to see it for yourself.


Construction work was completed at the end of 2014.

Link 1 - Phase 2

Phase 2 is an extension and an upgrade of the existing shared-use trail which extends from the end of Shannon Fields Corbally along the river bank as far as the Guinness Bridge.


The path provides 1.620 km of good-quality shared surface, running parallel to the River Shannon.

The upgrade comprised;

  • Construction of a path 2.5 – 4m in width with edge kerbing to both sides

  • Resurfacing of the existing trail to an all-weather, low-maintenance, accessible, shared surface

  • Installing time-controlled lights along the route.

  • CCTV cameras at the canal end and where the path meeting the recently constructed path.





Contact:  Smarter Travel Office, Limerick City and County Council

Telephone: 061 557453




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