Route 2 - Park Bridge

Manager: Sharon Lynch

Park Bridge and Park Road Part VIII Planning Granted​


On Monday 22nd of May, the Metropolitan District Council granted a Part VIII Planning Application to Limerick Smarter Travel.  The infrastructure works to be carried out in this project include:


  • A two way traffic system on Park Bridge and the surrounding area (Canal Bank road section north) will be maintained with the addition of a traffic signal system on the bridge. The works include the provision of a shared surface on Park Bridge and along a section of Canal Bank road (North & South) parallel to the Canal.
  • A one-way traffic system eastbound on a section of Park Road (parallel to Park Canal)
  • The speed limit will be reduced to 30kmph along a section of Park Road, Park Bridge and the North and South Canal Bank Roads.
  • This project went to tender in Mid June 2015.
  • Construction work commenced in late July to August. A temporary road closure licence was applied for from July 27th to August 28th. All construction work in this area was completed by mid September 2015.



Further Information can be found by emailing


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