Route 2 - Rhebogue to UL

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Limerick Smarter Travel is delighted to announce that the Shared Walkway/Cycleway linking the City Centre to the The University of Limerick Boathouse is now open.


Route 2 - Phase 1: Lelia Place to Guinness Bridge

This phase of the route begins at Lelia Place, off Clare Street (R445) to the Guinness Bridge on the city canal. The Park Canal was subject to a restoration project completed in 2005, involving, in part, the upgrading of the walking and cycling paths along the South-side of the Park Canal. This work ends when the path reaches the Park Bridge. In subsequent years work has been undertaken to resurface and widen the path from the Park Bridge to the Guinness Bridge (Corbally). This is where this phase of the route ends.


Proposed works included installation of public lighting and CCTV, provision of a seating area overlooking the canal and development of a hard stand area for gym equipment. 

All construction work was completed in March 2015 for this phase.


Route 2 - Rhebogue to UL

This phase of the route begins at the Guinness Bridge (Corbally), at the point where the Park Canal meets the River Shannon. You can continue on the path along the River Shannon to the Boat House (Plassey) at the entrance to the grounds of the University of Limerick, where it will join with existing walking and cycling paths on the campus grounds.


The proposal for this route consists of an improved walking and cycling surface, and associated works,  along the banks of the River Shannon. This path travels through a special area of conservation. To date, every effort has been taken to make sure the proposed improvements are in keeping with the qualities and character of this wonderful place, while addressing the needs of local residents and visitors to the area. The construction of the proposed new walking and cycling surface will wind around trees and historic structures. This type of construction reduces the impact of development on the bank but also promotes universal accessibility to this nature area.


Construction work is planned to commence in Mid November 2015 and should be completed in June / July 2016.


                                             NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION WORKS.

To accommodate construction works, the towpath from Guinness Bridge to the Boat House in UL will be closed off to all foot traffic and cyclists. This project is scheduled to last from November 23rd 2015 to June / July 2016. Should the contractor complete the project earlier, the towpath will be reopened. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



Items to be displayed as per An Bord Pleanala planning conditions :

  • An Bord Pleanala approval letter.
  • Specification sheet for the light head that will be installed on site.
  • Consultant drawing of the existing habitat mapping.
  • Bat Survey and Assessment.
  • The Contractors Construction Enviromental Management Plan.



February 2016 Project Update :

This project duration will be extended due to the inclement weather we have been having for the last few months.


June 2016 Project Update:

Structure 5 (Str 5) before and after pictures (please see Gallery)

The new bridge construction, to the river side, is now well under way as is the refurbishment of the existing structure.​


Structure 6 (Str 6)

This new structure is being constructed on the landward side of the existing bridge. The abutments at either end of the new structure are starting to rise out of the ground and the foundations for the central piers have now also been constructed. Refurbishment of the existing structure has also commenced, works including; removal of growth and weeds and pointing of stonework.


Work on the path is advancing at a steady pace with 90% of the ducting for the new public lighting now complete and the path construction has also commenced.


Works are programmed for completion for late September 2016


September 1st Project update


The path now has the edge kerbing in place and sub base laid with tarmacadam works to commence monday 5th of September. Ducting has been laid and public lighting columns set in position.


Structure 5 (STR 5) the existing wall has been fully clean down and the masonry repointed. The top of the existing south parapet wall is having an existing concrete cap removed and a new stone finish constructed. The frame of the new structure is also in place.


Structure 6 (STR 6) work is continuing on the refurbishing of the existing bridge with the stone being cleaned down and repointing of the masonry joints. The abutments and two central piers, of the new structure, have been constructed and steel members put in place. Delivery of the main structure is programmed for 3 weeks time.

( Please see Gallery 



To talk with the team members coordinating the proposed development please contact Ruth and she will connect you to the relevant person.

Contact:  Smarter Travel Office, Limerick City and County Council

Telephone: 061 557453



Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine


Please note, the following documents contain both the origional application for Route 2 as well as the Further Information Response to An Board Pleanála, this includes both the origional and revised drawings.  

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