Route 4 - Mulgrave Street (City Centre) to Newtown (Annacotty)

Manager: Vincent Strand

Route 4 

Route 4 begins at the top of Upper William Street (R527), the route travels along Mulgrave Street (R527), through the Tipperary Roundabout, along the Tipperary Road (R257)  to the junction with the old Ballysimon Road to O'Shea's Cross (old R527). The route then turns up the Golf Links Road to the crossing with the Old School House Road, passing Monaleen Credit Union the route will bring you to Castletroy College. The route ends in Newtown, at the Annacotty roundabout on the Dublin Road (R445).


Route 4 - Section 1: Old Tipperary Rd (L1171) & Garryglass Link Rd (L5124.)

This site is located on the L71171, known as the Old Tipperary Rd. It begins at the junction of the Tipperary Road (R257) known as the Ballysimon Rd and ends at the O'Sheas's Cross junction with Golf Links Rd.


Proposed improvements include road widening, construction of footpaths and cycle lanes and provision of toucan (signage controlled) and pedestrian (uncontrolled) crossings. Further information coming shortly.


Route 4 - Section 2: Castletroy and Newtown Junction Improvements

This section comprises Castletroy College Rd (1165,) Kilmurray Link Rd (1114) and Old School House Rd (1115.)

This phase of the route will start at the roundabout at the Castletroy Shopping Centre, including the Kilmurry Link Road and the Castletory College Road, and end at the roundabout, at the Annacotty side, of Castletroy College Road.


The proposed works will be concentrated at key junctions along these roads only. It is proposed to upgrade and improve 18 junctions including two roundabouts. Additionally a bus/cycle interchanges is being constructed at Newtown Shopping Centre.

Improvements include redesign of roundabouts to 'cycle friendly' design in accordance with the National Cycle Manual. At the junctions raised table tops and reduced junction radii are being constructed in order to improve safety of vulnerable road users.



Construction is for completion October 2015


 To accommodate construction works, Limerick Smarter Travel advise motorists and road users that roadworks will take place in Newtown Castletroy.  This project is scheduled to last from  6th of July 2015 to October 2015.  Temporary traffic lights will be in place for the duration of works on Kilmurry Link Road and Castletroy College Road.  Minor delays expected.​



Contact: Smarter Travel Office, Limerick City and County Council

Telephone: 061 407453



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