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The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project is a major behavioural change project which is being delivered in partnership with An Taisces Green-Schools Travel Programme. This project aims to work with schools to reduce car dependency and encourage more sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, carpooling and public transport. Schools are an integral part of this project where we hope to liaise with study area schools to:


  • Raise awareness of sustainable travel options;
  • Identify barriers to walking or cycling to school;
  • Increase regular walking, cycling or Park and Striding to school;
  • Improve safety on the school journey;
  • Reduce congestion at the school gate and local area;
  • Improve health and fitness by promoting active school travel; and
  • Support the above initiatives with infrastructural improvements.


This website will provide you with information relating to what we can offer your school, resources and ideas to help deliver sustainable travel planning tailored to your school and a facility to create 'groups' and liase with other members of the school community with regards sustainable travel. For updates and news relating specifically to the schools programme please visit our 'School Travel News Blog


For further details please contact 

Contact:  Limerick Smarter Travel

Project:    Limerick Smarter Travel School 

Tel:            +353 (0) 61 557 453


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