School Travel Planning

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School Travel Planning

A ‘School Travel Plan’ is a document produced by the whole school community and any other interested parties. It looks at how students, staff and visitors travel to and fromschool and should contain measures intended to improve safety, encourage the school community (students, parents, guardians and staff) to walk, cycle or avail of public transport networks. 

Schools wishing to develop a school travel plan will be given the dedicated support of a school travel officer who will work with your school community to identify current issues and concerns with respect to the whole journey to and from school and look at ways to address these issues and concerns through the active involvement of all stakeholders. At the end of the process your school will have a concise 'living' document which will hopefully assist your school in reducing the impact of car travel at peak school times.

Schools across the study area are invited to work with Limerick Smarter Travel and An Taisces Green-Schools Travel Programme to deliver targeted school travel plans for their school. School travel plans are comprised of a number of different actions which follow the Green-Schools 7-Step methodology. 


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