School travel planning workshops

 School Travel Planning Workshops 

The Limerick Smarter Travel School Project has a wide range of supports available to schools wishing to develop a school travel plan. Some of these include :

  • Walkability Audits : Students work with their travel officer to audit routes to school for positive and negative attributes.

  • Parental engagement : Officers are available to discuss school travel planning with the wider school community.

  • Cycle-ability Audit : Students cycle their routes to school with a view to identifying positive and negative attributes

  • Public Transport Mapping: Public transport is a key consideration in our 'Travel Mapping' workshop detailed below.

  • Travel mapping: Interactive workshop which interchanges between hardcopy and ICT resources and focuses on local transport networks. This is delivered to classes from 2-6th at primary level and is suitable to all class groups at secondary level

  • School  Gate Safety Leaflet: Interactive workshop designed to engage students in the travel planning process. The outcome of this workshop is a tailored leaflet detailing transport options, safety issues and tips relative to their school.


Further workshops are available to support awareness raising within the school and are summarised in our information and resources section.



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