Why Create a School Travel Plan

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Why Create a School Travel Plan About


There are a number of reasons why schools may want to consider how their students, staff, parents/guardians and visitors travel to and from their establishments. These might include:


  • Problems with school gate congestion

  • Concerns about safety of students

  • Problems with parking (either on or off-site)

  • Lack of awareness about the benefits of using a range of different travel options

  • Lack of facilities to encourage the use of all modes of transport

  • Concerns about the health of students

  • Changes in school catchment, building size or numbers on roll

  • Concerns about the local environment


If a school has any of these concerns then it is likely that a successfully implemented School Travel Plan can help.


Participating in the school travel planning process with the Limerick Smarter Travel School Project will provide your school with opportunities:

  • to receive free expert guidance and support from our dedicated travel education officers

  • to engage the entire school community and make a positive difference in your school

  • to link travel to school with carbon emissions and global warming within the curriculum

  • to receive innovative enquiry based geography mapping workshops led by travel education experts



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