Shared Travel for Life

Day Trips

Availing of intercity and regional shared travel is a great way to enjoy a day out without the stress of having to read maps, concentrate on driving, and find car parking at your destination. In many cases it’s much cheaper to travel these longer distances via coach or train, especially when you book in advance. While travelling via coach or train you have the opportunity to use the Free Wi-Fi, read a book, make a phone call, have a snack and chat, watch a programme, catch up on social media, or simply daydream without having to worry about driving. There are many competitive public and private intercity and regional travel services to and from Limerick. If you are interested in finding out more about these services click here Rail Travel and 

Bus Travel.


Park and Ride

Park and Ride simply means driving some of the way to your intended destination, such as your workplace, a stadium or park for a public event, then parking up the car and riding the rest of the way, on bus, coach or rail. It can be particularly good for people that live a long way from their intended destination and want to avoid traffic congestion and car parking charges. It has the added benefit of reducing congestion and making it safer around a stadium during a big game, or outside a workplace before or after working hours. 


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