Shared Travel to School

A Rewarding Travel Routine

At first, it may be difficult to change your child's or teenager's travel pattern, to make more of their journeys to school using shared travel, such as car-sharing, and bus travel. After the initial leap it could take some getting used to. If you want to use your car a little less, Limerick Smarter Travel is here to let you know help is at hand, to remind you that the benefits to your child's independence, confidence, and environment as well as your pocket can last a lifetime, so keep trying; it soon becomes a rewarding routine. Further information can be found in the Schools section of this website click here.


Car-Share to School

Why not share the school run? Split the work and cut costs. You could organise this informally or register on the national car-sharing website where families travelling to and from school, or after school locations, organise their journeys together.


Bus Travel to School

The School Transport Scheme, which is operated by Bus Éireann on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills, supports transport to and from school for children and teens that are living more than 3.2kms from their nearest primary school or 4.8kms from their nearest secondary school. If there is a suitable public or private bus service to or near your teen’s school, why not avail of an annual bus ticket for them? Get their friends doing the same so they can enjoy travelling independently, building their confidence, and social skills. For further information visit


Further Information:

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