Shared Travel to Work

A Rewarding Travel Routine

At first, it may be difficult to change your travel pattern, to make more of your journeys to work using shared travel, such as car-sharing, rail travel and bus travel. After the initial leap it could take some getting used to. If you want to use your car a little less, Limerick Smarter Travel is here to let you know help is at hand, to remind you that the benefits to your well-being, pocket, and to the environment can last a lifetime


Rail to Work

Did you know on Iarnród Éireann rail services there’s free Wi-Fi and charging points for your laptop or smart device? Also if you book well in advance you can get much cheaper fares which can bring you tax savings. Rail travel offers you the opportunity to read a book, make a call, watch a programme, catch up on work, or just simply daydream without having to worry about driving. In addition regular commuters and their employers can avail of the tax savings. For further information visit


Car-share to Work

Car-sharing is a great opportunity to cut travel costs and share the work of driving. Many people and their workplaces are now registered for car-sharing. By registering on the national car-sharing website commuters travelling to and from the same place can organise their journeys together whenever it suits them. For further information visit:


Bus to Work

Did you know health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day? Would it be possible for you to walk to your nearest bus stop as part of your journey to work? If you’re unsure of the time it may take, why not make your calculations using an online journey planner? When it’s convenient leave the car at home, get your body moving, and work some meaningful physical activity into your day. Don’t forget while you are on the bus you can avail of free Wi-Fi, watch a programme, listen to radio, read a book or just simply daydream without having to worry about driving. For further information visit:


Further Information:

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