Westbury, Shannon Banks, Mill Road, Shannon Drive

Manager: Michael Jonker

Is this my Community Page?

If you'd like to know if you live or work in this Community please click here to see the Community boundary. This boundary takes in Westbury, Shannon Banks, Mill Road and Shannon Drive amongst other streets and places.


Why does our Community need a Travel Plan?

It is essential for our Community to have a Travel Plan containing tailor-made information and actions in order for our Community members to make more of their everyday journeys on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car sharing.


Join this Travel Planning group today

Please join our group to help create and develop our Travel Plan, which will aim to improve our health and wellbeing, free up space on our streets, and make a positive contribution to our community and our environment.


The BIG Travel Action Challenge

Once we have a Travel Plan our community (individuals and groups) can enter into the BIG Travel Action Challenge and be in with a chance of winning prizes and further travel action support.


Further Information:

For further information please do get in touch. 

Contact: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Telephone: 061 407455

Email: liseann.sheahan@limerick.ie


Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine


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