Event Bicycle

Manager: Lise-Ann Sheahan


The team at Limerick Smarter Travel are currently exploring the idea of having an event bicycle available for use by our community.


What is the Smarter Travel Event Bicycle?

The Smarter Travel Event Bicycle sometimes called a cargo bike, a carrier cycle, a freight tricycle, or a box bike is a bicycle designed and constructed specifically for transporting loads, displaying information and providing/selling products/services. The design of the Event Bicycle includes a cargo area consisting of an openable box, with foldout display stands, mounted over the front wheels. The frame and drivetrain has been constructed to handle loads larger than those on an ordinary bicycle making the Event Bicycle incredibly practicle for bringing items to and from community events and using the Event Bicycle as a preparation/display stand before and during the event.


Does your community event require the use of the Smarter Travel Event Bicycle?

The Smarter Travel Event Bicycle will be availble for public use at community events. It is the ideal place from which to present your community event information and will provide you with a ready made event stand from which to provide/sell your product or service. It will also draw attention and clearly demonstrates your support for a healthier and more sustainable community. We will arrange a convenient time for you to complete the paperwork so the Event Bicycle is available for collection prior to your community event. If you are interested in being one of the first groups to book the Event Bicycle for your community event, please contact us today.


Further Information:

For further information please do get in touch. 

Contact: Lise-Ann Sheahan

Telephone: 061 407455

Email: liseann.sheahan@limerick.ie


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