Park and Stride


Park and stride simply means driving some of the way to your intended destination, such as your school, workplace, a stadium or park for a public event, then parking up and walking the rest of the way.



It can be particularly good for people that live a long way from their intended destination and can’t walk the whole way, while helping to contribute to the recommended 10,000 steps we should each be taking daily. It has the added benefit of reducing congestion and making it safer around a school entrance, a stadium during a big game, or outside a workplace before or after working hours. 


Park and Stride is a clever way to travel as it can reduce journey times, parking charges, and improves our health and wellbeing by encouraging us all to add some physical exercise into our daily and weekly travel, as well as providing some ‘talk time’ with family, friends, and colleagues. 


Park and Stride Initiative 

Currently the team at Limerick Smarter Travel and Limerick City and County Council are developing a Park and Stride Initiative for the Demonstration Area. Please contact us for further information or visit this page for regular updates as they occur.


Further Information:

For further information, please do get in touch. 

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel 

Telephone: 061 557453



Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine.



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