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According to An Taisce, walking to school helps to foster a child's or teenager's independence while improving their physical health and mental well-being. Research shows that those who walk to school have improved concentration levels in the classroom. Walking raises awareness of road safety and even helps improve your child’s environment, especially by reducing congestion at the school gates and providing some ‘talk time’ with family, friends, and neighbours. The more people who walk the safer and more enjoyable our roads will be. For further information click here or visit www.greenschoolsireland.org  


Walking to School

According to the An Taisce - Green Schools Programme: "Walking to school can be a real adventure. It helps you get to know your local community, get fit and make friends. There are many local, global and personal benefits to walking to school." Here are a few:

W - Wake Up! - Studies have shown that pupils who walk to school are more awake and find it easier to concentrate during classes.

A - Always one step ahead - Walking from an early age makes children more aware of road safety issues and helps them develop personal safety skills.

L - Less congestion - If you leave the car at home and walk fewer cars arrive at the school gates which makes it safer for those who walk and cycle.

K - Kinder to the environment - By leaving the car at home you are reducing the amount of CO2 produced and helping to reduce the effects of climate change and air pollution.

I - Interpersonal skills - Walking to school gives children the opportunity to meet new friends and develop personal skills.

N - New adventures - Walking to school is a great way to learn about your local environment and community. It’s also a fun way to learn about the weather, landscape and local ecosystems.

G - Get fit and stay active - Walking to and from school helps pupils (and adults) incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Research shows that regular physical activity can benefit your body and mind.


A Rewarding Travel Routine
At first, it may be difficult to change your child's or teenager's travel pattern. A little encouragement, some practice, know-how, the right footwear and clothing will get them making more of their journeys to school by foot. Limerick Smarter Travel is here to let you know help is at hand, to remind you that the benefits to your child's health, well-being and environment as well as your pocket can last a lifetime, so keep trying; it soon becomes a rewarding routine. 


The Walking Bus

The walking bus is a form of travel for school children. Accompanied by two adults, one leader(driver) and one follower(conductor) the young school children are walked to school in the same way a bus would get them there. Like a traditional bus, walking buses have a fixed route with designated areas(bus stops) and times (bus timetable) in which they pick up school children.


If you would like to get involved by volunteering to support your local walking bus or set one up for your community please get in touch with us or your local school today.


Further information can be found at: greenschoolireland.org or simple download the An Taisce - Green School Programme, Walking Bus Information Sheet below.


Further Information:

If you are having any difficulties or require further assistance please do get in touch. 

Contact: Limerick Smarter Travel 

Telephone: 061 557453

Email: smartertravel@limerick.ie 


Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine.


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