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The Limerick Smarter Travel Workplaces Programme is being implemented in association with the National Transport Authority’s Smarter Travel Workplaces. This programme aims to create sustainable transport initiatives, decrease congestion, reduce parking pressure, improve the travel options available to staff, and to increase environmental credentials of partner workplaces.


What is a Workplace Travel Plan?

A Workplace Travel Plan (sometimes referred to as a Mobility Management Plan) is an on-going strategy that facilitates, promotes, and encourages sustainable, active, and healthy modes of travel and helps reduce single-occupancy car use for journeys to and from a workplace.


Why should a workplace have a Workplace Travel Plan?

Experience shows that travel plans and promotion of sustainable travel have helped workplaces reduce travel mileage and associated costs without compromising on service, as well as improving the workplace for employees. Often, issues around car parking demand, congestion and pollution have been resolved, while the site has become more accessible for employees, visitors, and customers. Employee health and fitness has also improved, often reducing the number of sick days while promoting a better work/life balance. Consideration of sustainable travel or publishing a Workplace Travel Plan also meets demands for corporate social responsibility and has, in some cases, helped win planning permission for new or expanded sites.


How does a Workplace Travel Plan work?

A Workplace Travel Plan usually combines measures to reduce the need to travel in the first place, with encouragement to consider different ways to travel, including car-sharing, cycling, public transport and walking. Because the needs of every workplace are different, we work with each workplace to identify their needs and build a package of suggestions and recommendations around them. To do this, we will analyse staff and visitor surveys to understand their travel behaviour, and assist in carrying out a site audit to identify any specific issues or needs at your location.



Limerick Smarter Travel, on the ground and in your daily routine.


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2016 Step Challange

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The 2016 National Transport Authorities 9th annual walking challenge starts this Monday (12th of September) and continues on to the 9th of October 2016. The step challenge is a fun and free way to promote walking for Smarter Travel Work places and Smarter Travel Campuses. Teams of 3-6 try and...

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Pedometer Challenge 2015

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Do you want to win prizes, get more active and have fun with your work mates? Sign up to the Pedometer Challenge now and start stepping! This year the Pedometer Challenge will start on Monday 7th September and ends on Sunday 4th October.You can win great prizes, save money on transport and better...

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Workplace Cycle Challenge - 11th to 31st May 2015

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About:The NTA's Workplace Cycle Challenge has kicked off today and will continue until the 31st of May. Limerick Smarter Travel are eager that our Limerick Workplaces will make their own impression on the National Leaderboard.  Lets hope the wind is on your backs out there today.  Don't forget its...

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Prizes all around at inaugural smarter travel competition

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A group of Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) students have narrowly missed out on claiming the top prize in a competition recognising third level campuses that go the extra mile to promote sustainable travel. Limerick Smarter Travel hosted the National Transport Authority’s prize giving event...

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